Welcome to RockWash USA!

We specialize in well cuttings and core sample preparation and photography for the petroleum and well logging industry. We have an automatic sample washing system and photographic equipment for capturing high resolution sample images.

A Quick Overview of Our Process:

Step 1

  • Dirty samples received
  • Samples catalogued and prepared for washing

Step 2

  • Samples cleaned and dried with the RockWash™ automated drill cuttings and sample cleaning and management system
  • Samples are photographed with a high resolution digital camera

Step 3

  • Clean and dry samples are labeled and bagged
  • Photos now available for viewing

Step 4

  • With the free PhotoSTRAT™ viewer, clients can view images and a compressed lithology log.
  • High resolution individual photos are also viewable.

Step 5

  • PhotoSTRAT™ Pro can export lithology tracks as images.
  • They can be combined with other digital data such as mud logs and electric logs.
  • Hi-resolution output for screen or printing.
  • Grain selection available for refined interpretation.


  • Samples are cataloged, prepared and washed
  • Optional sample image: digital photo catalog of all samples
  • Increase the value of your samples; prepare for instrument analysis
  • No hassle, dirty samples in, clean samples out
  • Store samples off-site


3081 W. Albany St. #131

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

tel: 1 918 872 7878